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About Tile Miner

Tile Miner is a top-down sandbox adventure game from Chris Madden and his brother Ryan. Explore an infinite, randomly generated world and then mold it to your liking.

  • Survive – Find food and shelter before nightfall in order to stay alive.
  • Landscape - Almost all tiles in Tile Miner are breakable and placeable. Create the top down adventure that you want by doing your own landscaping.
  • Build – Build your own shelter and furnish it the way that you want.
  • Farm – Till the soil and cultivate many different varieties of crops.
  • Mine – Dig through the mountains and caves to find the best ores.
  • Explore – Explore the many different biomes in search of new enemies and treasures.
  • Craft – Craft the best tools, weapons, and armor available.
  • Alchemy – Use a cauldron to create potions with different effects.
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Early Access available now: Steam

Current version: Version (31 October 2014) | Release notes

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